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Offline message delivery bug?

I’ve written a bot application that subscribes to a pubsub topic and upon receipt of a new entry, forwards an instant message to all subscribed end users.

This works fine in almost all cases. However, there is one bot that is unique in that it almost always has 2 or 3 entries published to its pubsub topic simultaneously. This bot works fine when the end users are online to receive their messages. In the case that they are offline, the messages are never delivered when they log on next.

These offline messages are only ‘dropped’ in the case where 2 or more instant messages are sent to the server at almost the exact same moment in time from the same user intended for the same recipient.

On a side note. It would be very useful to set both a maximum amount of memory to store for offline messages, and an expiration time (1 week, 30 days etc…).

I have filed the first one as OF-486 , though i can’t test this myself. Second one is a nice feature request which could be useful for many admins sending massive messages to all (not just online) users which are only actual for a short period of time. OF-487

But i don’t know when and who will look into these. We don’t have active developers at the moment.

Sounds good wr00t, thanks for your time!

I’m hoping one of the days I can begin contributing myself as a developer, but I’d like to tackle some PubSub features I want first .

Closed OF-487 as a duplicate for OF-249 (still not implemented)

Hi Scott,

Are you still seeing this issue with Openfire?