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Offline messages and quota problem


I’'m using Jive Messenger 2.2.0 and smack 2.0.0 together to send serialized Java objects from one system to another. This works nicely and was very easy to setup, thanks! I use mysql as db backend. My machine is SuSE Linx 9.2.

My processes use the offline data store extensively, so one server send messages (one each 5 seconds) and Jabber stores them in it’'s db. After half an hour the other server connects and retrieves all stored messages. The table jiveOffline is emptied again.

But after a day of testing the jabber Server bounces all messages send for this half-an-hour-user (I have set the db limit for each user to 10MB, each message is 960 Byte, 356 per half an hour). Is there a problem resetting this per user quota in Jive Messenger? It seems it always counts offline messages but never resets the value to reflect the actual amount of used storage in the db.

As a workaround I told Jive messenger to always store message without quote.

Could you please comment on this? Maybe I should have set a flag somewhere?