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Offline Messages Being Delivered in Reverse Order

I’ve searched the JIRA issue tracker for this problem, and came up empty. Has anyone seen their Openfire server delivering offline messages in reverse order? We are running OF 3.3.2, and this is happening regardless of what clients are used (Adium, Pandion, Pidgin, etc.).

Any ideas? If not, maybe a developer could enter this as a tracker issue? Thanks.

-Guy Martin

i cant reproduce it with Spark and Exodus (Openfire 3.4.0 Beta 1). Can you specify exact steps how it is happening to you? Are all offline messages coming from the same contact?

Thanks for the reply - a little more digging on our part when we tried to document steps to reproduce it yielded the answer. Our database tables somehow didn’t match the Openfire schema (we had recently converted from PostgreSQL to mySQL), especially with regard to indexes. It appears that the server is not doing an ORDER BY in the SQL that it uses to pull the Offline Messages out of the table for delivery, but is instead relying upon that index.

Fixing the index solved the issue. Thanks.

-Guy Martin