Offline Messages page radio buttons issue

I have posted this in Alpha release thread. So in Offline Messages page, if i click any of Store sub options radio buttons it deselects Store and selects Drop automaticly. So one has to click Store again.

Clicking in “Per-user offline message storage limit:” input area is dropping focus to Drop as well.

3.3.1 still there

and you know what? there is still another bug in there, though it acts a little different now. But it STILL demands " Please enter a store size greater than 0 bytes." if i select Store > Always Store and there is 0 or nothing in Limit size input area.

this issue is here back from 2.2.0 or even earlier

Wonder whether this bug will be fixed someday?

3.5.1 still theeeere

have filed this myself finally JM-1347

Hi wroot,

I submitted a patch to fix part of this bug here:


Didnt get a notification about that reply, but i was watching JM-73 ticket Thanks. I will add a comment to my ticket.