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Offline Messages set to Bounce : Doesn''t work

I have set Offline Messages to Bounce, in attempt to disable the offline message capability. If someone is offline, our users should not be able to send them a message - and they should be informed of such.

Following that setitng change, i restarted wildfire to ensure the setting kicked in.

Then, from Spark, i sent an offline user a message and unfortunately still receive the confirmation “The user is offline and will receive the message on their next login.”

Please help! Thanks.

Hi Colby,

I have no idea how a xmpp server must mark the reply to indicate for the client whether the message got dropped, was stored or got bounced. So I’'m not sure if this is a client or a server problem.

If you are using Wildfire and remove

“errorResponse.setError(new PacketError(PacketError.Condition.item_not_found, PacketError.Type.continue_processing));” in #bounce() in file OfflineMessageStore.java and recompile Wifi you will see the message bounce. This may lead to other problems but maybe you can use it as a workaround.


edited: (thoughts for devs) Does it make sense to bounce messages even if the message body (message.getBody()==null) is empty?

Hey guys,

I checked this issue and the server is sending back an error message to the client. The problem is that Spark is not giving any visual hint that the message was bounced. The issue is filed as SPARK-288.


– Gato