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Offline messages timestamps

I’‘ve noticed that offline messages timestamps is in 12-hour clock style, and it’'s very annoying because i use 24-hour clock style and timestamps of offline messages differs a lot from those which was sent to online users. please tell me how to set 24-hour style timestamps for offline messages in JiveMessenger 2.2.0 beta. Thanks.

maybe this is not a timestamp problem but a system clock? Anyway there are several places in Admin Console that shows time. Is it 24-format in there? (Server startup time, Sessions Summary, etc.)

in admin console time shows in 12-hour style. like “Jul 24, 2005 6:09:58 PM” =(

and i can’'t find where to change it =\

but system clock is in 24-hour state. -> “Sun Jul 24 18:15:05 MSD 2005”

yes, i have checked my installation. It shows in 12-format too. Not a big problem, but could show 24 though.

hmmm, this is not really good

yes i understand you. We are using 24-hour format here too. It’‘s just in USA they use 12-hour format, so i think that’'s because that was done that way. But wait till devs answer this question.

Date/time and number formatting is based on the locale. At the moment, we don’'t allow as much flexibility over setting the locale as we probably should. However, you can manually edit the XML configuration file fairly easily. In the XML, you should see:

The format of the locale entry is:

language_country. So, U.S. english would be en_US and U.K. english would be en_GB.

As you can probably guess, the language value is what is used to select the correct resource bundle. You can try experimenting with country values to get something that matches your desired format for dates and numbers. More documentation about this including a list of country codes is at: