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Offline to specific resource

Hi all…

i have a Q related to sending offline msg

here is the scenario

i log with resource WORK and begin a chatting with X user

then i went offline an di went home

while X user kept sending me in the chat window

if i connect now with Home resource ( same username@server)

will i recieve the offline msgs sent to me

and wht if in my Client im developing

i want to prevent this to happen

i mean to receive msgs to WORK by WORK resource

and receive offline msg to home by home resource only


global soft,

This may depend on the XMPP server you’'re using. However, I think that most XMPP servers will ignore resource when delivering offline messages. Your best bet may be to use the more fully-featured offline message JEP: http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0013.html

That should let you only retrieve offline messages that you’‘d like to get. I’'m not exactly sure which servers support that JEP. Smack would need to be extended to support the protocol, however.



thx for your answer

but why do we need smack to be extended

doesnot it depend upon the server to deliver offline msgs

Check out JEP 13 in the link in my previous message. The old offline message protocol would just flood you with new messages as soon as you sign on. The new JEP (13) defines a framework that lets the client determine exactly which messages to deliver – this is what you could use only get messages intended for a specific resource.