Offline users and groups don't display in Spark

I have Openfire 3.7 working with Active Directory. All the users and groups show up in the admin. I set up sharing for the groups so that all users can see them.

When I log in using Spark, I don’t see any offline users or groups. I can log in as two different users from different Spark clients and chat fine. Is there something that I am missing to enable all offline users and groups to show up?

By default, the Spark client does not sho offline users. It’s an opition in the contact menue. Do you use Spark 2.5.8 or 2.6.0 rc2 ?

Thank you for your reply. I use Spark 2.5.8. In Contacts menu regarding groups is “Show Empty Groups” and “Group Offline Users”, but that doesn’t address my issue.

Now I am using 2.6.0 rc2. There is an option for showing offline users. However, with version 2.5.8, offline users showed by default. The production Openfire/Spark system that I am using does not have a hook into AD, but uses users and groups that are setup in the admin.

The development server that I have is using AD for users and groups. I can see all the groups (have shared them with all users) and users in the admin, but the list of offline users and no groups show when I log in to the Spark 2.6.0 rc2, even after selecting ‘show offline users’.