Offline users because of network problems - bug?


I have discovered today that I had a problema yesterday, because I have received now some offline messengers from 3 users, all in the same location, sharing the same public IP (they are inside a company).

Yesterday I could see one user online and 2 of them offline. They all were seeing me online. My messages sent yesterday to them were delivered on time, but the messages they have sent, were keeped in offline table and delivered just today.

Yesterday two things have happened out of the ordinary that could explain this: They lost internet connection for 2 hours and the other one…I have cleaned all cache from server.

My question is…what could have caused this ? Could this be an openfire bug since there were some users that appeared offline but were not ?

Here are some logs that I´ve find related to this

in info.log

2008.09.18 11:50:19 Packet sent to unreachable address

and in warn.log
2008.09.18 12:31:53 Error or result packet could not be delivered