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Offline Users not present

Created a new installation of Wildfire, put in all the users. In Spark all the users showed up offline, which was correct. Created a test group and added a couple of users. Not to my liking so I deleted the test group. Now no users show up Off Line. Users are present at the server but cannot see them in Spark client. Anyone have any ideas?


there is no reason why all users should show up as offline in Spark unless you are not subscribed to. Or did you also create subscriptions?

Deleting groups causes really some trouble, there are some known issues regarding groups and also deletion: JM-370 JM-658 JM-686 JM-701


Hey Steve,

How are you adding contact to the contact list? Are you using shared groups? Doing it from the database? using a client? If you are using a client then check out the following KB document: Adding Roster Contacts[/url].


– Gato

Thanks for all the information you posted. Seems that with no groups created at all then all users will not show up as offline. You would have to search for them and add them as a contact. Not so good for my users. I added a group, added everyone to it and now I am starting to see offline members. I only assumed all users not online would show up as off line because when I first built the server and installed the users, that’'s where they all showed up.

Great article! I was adding the contacts via the server, and then sharing them. I think I have this figured out, if you would like take a look at my other post. Thanks for your response.