Ofmeet not working correct

Hello, i installed latest openfire and ofmeet plugin.

I open ofmeet from this url https://your-server.com:7443/ofmeet/?r=office and see participant thumbnail but no video or audio from him.

Other party does not see me in the thumbnails, he sees only his thumbnail.

On his connection stats it displays transport UDP and multiple local and remote ports in the range 50000 - 50200.

On my connection stats it is TCP , one remote port 4443 and one local 63080.

Any ideas why i do not see(hear) the other party and he does not see(hear) me?

I also have the exact same issues after upgrading Openfire Meetings plugin to 0.18.

Thumbnail of other participant, with no audio or video.

Anyway way to rollback the version of the plugin? where can I get previous version again?


Just Bumping the case… No solutions yet.

make sure you specify your private IP address and public IP address in the settings page. the plugin uses by default the hostname which does NOT always work. On a private LAN or if you have a public internet ip address, both are the same. If you are behind a NAT, they are different and you must specify them correctly.

There is not enough information to give you a meaningful reply. Are you both on a LAN. Is your openfire on same LAN, behind a NAT or over a WAN to the Internet? Are you on a coporate LAN with UDP ports blocked? Is your Chrome browser behind a proxy server? The answer is in your logs. Either on the client in Chrome or on the server in openfire.

Thank you Dele…

I did get it working…