Ofmeet plugin runs ok, but have no sound. and i wonder whether i can use this running in my own android app?

I user openfire1.10.0 and only add ofmeet plugin to the server,

Jitsi Meet runs this ok, but cannot hear any sound. and sip cannot use either. Anybody met this problem?

And one more question, I want to use the meetting function to run in my own Android APP, how to use this plugin?

Thank you all.

to get audio with SIP, enable audio mixer.

to use on android, open URL from the chrome browser

Thanks Dele. the 2nd question is my own app just like Line, online chat APP.

I have a similar problem . The video works but I’m not able to make audio communication. When the person on the other end of line speaks, I don’t catch him and he doesn’t listen to me too. His film strip image on the bottom flashing to indicate that he is speaking but no sound comes out. I do not use SIP, I just want a computer to computer communication. All works fine except the audio conference.