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Ofmeet plugin shows question marks


It happens that I have installed the new version of OP (4.1.1) in Ubuntu Server 16.04 and when I load the Ofmeet plugin I get many question marks (???).
Do you have any idea what it can be?
Thank you


Do not hijack other threads. If you have a problem, create your own thread and ask. I have moved your question to a separate thread. Can’t help with Ofmeet. Not using it.


OK, thanks


You get many question marks where? Perhaps you’re missing an i18n thingy?


Good morning, Mr. Guus der Kinderen.
Attached 2 photos.
In the first:
1- The plugin loaded on the server.
2- The new tab that appears to me.

In the second
3- The tab created by ofmeet with the symbols of which I spoke to them.

Thank you


The plugin appears to be missing some translations. If you switch your language to English, things will be better.


translations in other languages are most welcome as PRs (pull requests) on GitHub


At least in Spark it uses default English translation, if there is no translation of that string in the particular language file. Doesn’t Openfire’s Admin Console operates in the same way?


Good question. I don’t know the answer


I saw the same when I uploaded a plugin such as ofmeet(1).jar, ofmeet(2).jar … etc. I downloaded the plugin multiple times, windows renamed it, and I had to rename back to ofmeet.jar to get rid of the ??? error.