OFMeet plugin w/ IE?

Hi Dele et al.,

We are undergoing upgrades to our Openfire server and Spark clients. One plugin we’ve been using extensively is Redfire, which, we’ve learned, has been discontinued. So we’re testing and evaluating Openfire 3.10,0 and Spark 2.7.0 with the Openfire Meetings plugins. We’ve tested it out, and we have it working with Google Chrome. Apparently it uses a Chrome extension as part of the package, so I can see why OFMeet would need Chrome to work.

However, we have a WIndows setup and use IE as our default browser. Would there be any way to implement OFMeet in such a way that it works with IE? This is rather important because we prefer not to have Chrome installed on every computer.

Doug Storms

EBI Consulting

IE doesn’t support webrtc, which is one reason chrome is needed. There are a few plugins for IE to add webrtc, but I’m unsure how well they work, or if they would work with OFmeet. Microsoft announced in Oct that they would be bring webrtc to IE, but thats yet to be seen…

I’ve downloaded and installed WebRTC from Teamsys, and while it seems to work with existing webrtc sites, I was getting the same black screen with no video. I get this screen:

In Chrome, Openfire Meetings also needed an Openfire Meetings Chrome extension to complete the connection. Can a similar add-on be created for IE?

Which IE version? Maybe it will work after upgrading to the newer IE version.

Or you can wait for Microsoft Edge browser, which can use Chrome extensions and should support webrtc also, i think. Of course, this means upgrading to Windows 10. I haven’t tested it with the Edge though.

We’re currently using IE 10 on Windows 7. We usually stay about 6-12 months behind the leading edge. The only reason this has become an issue now is that we’re upgrading our servers, and Openfire 3.10 doesn’t have the redfire plugin we’ve been using for the last couple of years. Will the redfire plugin work with Openfire 3.10?

Only Dele can answer that for sure. But i think redfire is not compatible with Spark 2.7.0 and Openfire 3.10 only works with that version. At least for now.

If you know how to code, then maybe this will help. If not, maybe Dele would be interested in add this to OFmeet if it would work…

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