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ofMucMember mysql table is empty

Hi, I have a problem with the table ofMucMember being empty after creating a persistent room and joining it with a user. In openfire admin interface, the room appears and the user is active in that room, but the mysql tabl is empty.

I really need this feature in order to verify is some rooms are occupied or not. Is this behaviour normal ?



I’m not sure, but maybe this table is for holding members of a room, i mean those who has registered with that room and not just visitors.

Thanks for your answer, that’s what I want to find out… should I create the room with a whitelist of users in order to have data in that table ?

Well, you can test this by doing this. I’m not sure. Maybe someone with better knowledge of MUC code and tables will answer that better. Just guessing by the name of the table.

I saw that my current connected users have invisible status. Can you please help me in sending available status to openfire so it shows the available icon in the sessions admin section ? I believe this might be a reason behind this issue.

Not really understanding the question If your users has invisible status, then ask them to change it to available, if you need it.