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Dearl all,

I have a problem with openfire Subscription Properties. The first i have set Subscription Service Settings

like this :

  • Subscription requests will be intercepted and rejected and

  • Only subscription requests sent by users who do not have an account on gozigo will be intercepted and rejected.

so member can’t add contact from spark.

First I make a member and Merland Moses.
I try to manually add in the table ofRoster like this:

rosterID username JID sub recv aks nick

36 moses merland @ gozigo 3 -1 -1 merland

37 merland moses @ gozigo 3 -1 -1 moses

and in the table ofRosterGroups
rosterID rank groupName

36 0 Friends

37 0 Friends

I logged in with spark (user = moses) but the user merland does not appear in the list my friend.

what should I do, so user Merland appear in the list my friend.:slight_smile: