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Old messages reappearing

Yes yes, it’'s me again

Something strange. Not sure, maybe this is an after-effect of continuos electricity breakdowns at our place. Sometimes my users and me as well are getting old messages in our Exoduses. These messages can be a broadcasts, or simple chat messages. And some broadcast messages are repeating constantly day by day. Well it seems to me like that. Because of breakdowns i had to go and enter passwords for my users time to time, and quite often after login i’‘m seeing old messages in their Events window. Now i’'ve got such message myself. Not very annoying but would be interesting to find out the cause of it.

BTW, we have managed to get through these electricity and connectivity downs. Well, not nice solution, but we cant do anything about our network yet. So now we are putting shortcuts to a script that overwrites “bad” Exodus profile with previously saved “good” profile and launches Exodus. Yes, you may think this could cause such old messages. But i’'m not using this script.

P.S. “bad” profile means w/o password which somehow dissapears out of profile after electricity is down and Exodus is trying to reconnect.

More light on this. Today i’‘ve seen such effect on one user’'s client. As it seems, all “old” messages are broadcasts. Most of them sent through Admin Console by me. I cant find any option in Exodus that could store this. And why simple chat messages doesnt reappear then? And these messages are not offline. Because broadcasts are sent to Online users, so these were received by online user some time ago. Even queuing of offline messages is disabled by default. Something strange.

This user is absent for a long time, so her’‘s Exodus was in idle for a long time. As i remember i’'ve received “old” messages after i came back after vacation and turned my Exodus on.


I have found such old broadcast from server messages in spool.xml in my Exodus profile dir. Interesting, why it pulls that spool time to time.