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Old problem still there with 3.3.3 and 2.5.7


I still have the problem, that the presence of outside users dont get reported properly. Outside means users, which connect from the public IP side of our dual home server. We have now everybody on Spark2.5.7 so I rule out client issues for the moment but you never know…

So when an outsider disconnects he is still online in my roster. As soon as I logoff/logon with Spark the users does not show up again, as he is offline for some hours…

I know of JM-802 (I was the one to report it initially ;-!) but I dont see that this is part of the problem.

Anyhow this is the setup: I am member of the group SALES and this group is shared to SALES and CUSTOMERS. The external user is member of CUSTOMERS, which is NOT shared at this time due to JM-1025 and JM-802.

+This is VERY annoying! +Can anybody confirm this bug?




Any takers?


It’s me again and I could kill for ANY sort of reply about my problem, which is easily described as follows:

When userA connects from another LAN-interface to the server than UserB, the presence of UserA in UserB’s roster is not updating properly, i.e. UserB does not see UserA disconnecting, etc.

A restart of Spark of UserB clears out the “stale users” and report only the ones which are really online now.

Maybe someone at least take a look at it but maybe I really have to buy the enterprise version til someone responds …




As this two famous JIRA issues dont seem to bother enough people to get it changed I trashed the “offending” group so I cannot get biten by this issue and setup a normal buddy relationship between the user A and B.

Now sadly enough I have to report, that nothing has really changed, i.e. the presence is not getting updated correctly as long as the two parties are on different interfaces of a dual homed machine! So I think there is some problem when clients connect from different sides to OF.

So PLEASE, can anybody either sum up what is exactly needed for a dual homed server setu OR take a deep look into the code???

At the moment I did it that way:

  • OF 3.4.3 on a dual homed Linux box with one internal 192.168.x.y and one outside official IP

  • NO routing on this box enabled!

  • included the external IP in the server properties (dont remember the exact name)

  • setup privat DNS on the inside that jabber.mydomain.com is resolved to 192.168.x.y

  • put jabber.mydomain.com in the official DNS so Internet users got it resolved to the correct outside IP.

The main problem:

When a buddy connects from the outside I dont see it in my running Spark on the inner network. As soon as I log out and log back in, the corrrect presence is being delivered when Spark fetches the buddy list…

This would be soooo important for us…