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Old versions of gateway.jar


Is there anywhere that I can download previous versions of gateway.jar? I am having problems with the current 1.2.2a whereby a number of users are not able to connect to msn while some of them can. From the admin console, for those who are not able to connect, I am seeing them as having a signed on gateway registration but with both the status lights of user and service greyed off (ie. not active).

I do not have such a problem when I was running version 1.2.1a or earlier. The problem only came about when I upgraded to 1.2.2 and 1.2.2a did not solve this.


I am not discounting some problem in the IM Gateway, but MSN has been plagued with problems as of late. Last week they had a global outage of Chat and email that lasted an entire day. Some accounts are still experiencing problems according to some news agencies.

As mtstravel mentioned, this can be a problem with MSN itself. So older version not necessary works better.

I’ve managed to find a 1.2.0 version of gateway.jar and so far the problem of ghosted registration is no longer appearing. I remembered that 1.2.1a also did not have the problem while resolving a couple of bugs. However, I cannot find that version. I think it is useful to provide a repository for old versions of the IM gateway for people to fall back on should any of the newer versions give them problems. I know that the sources are available in SVN, but having the compiled released version of the gateway in a repository will be much better.