Older version of Hazelcast Plugin?

Please let me know where I can find the older versions of Hazelcast plugin. I have Openfire 3.9.3 and am trying find a version of Hazelcast plugin that is compatible. Thanks for your help.

We don’t keep old versions of the plugins, sadly.

What you could do, is check out the Openfire source code of version 3.9.3 (which includes the source code of the Hazelcast plugin), and build the plugin yourself.

You’ll find the source code here: GitHub - igniterealtime/Openfire at v3.9.3 Building instructions are available here: Openfire: Building the Source (although they’re a bit outdated. Make sure that you have Java 8).

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Someone has attached 1.2.0 version here, but we can’t guarantee it is a safe file Where to get a usable hazelcast plugin for openfire 3.9.3

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Thank you for that very helpful tip, it turned out to be quite easy to get the plugin.

Thank you for sharing that version. But as you said, if the source is not known, I would prefer to compile fresh from the source code that is provided with 3.9.3 Openfire.