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OLPC: Nicknames automatically defined in shared roster

Hello Openfire folks,

I’m working for Collabora Ltd on the One Laptop Per Child project . We’re using our Telepathy framework to present the same APIs to the shared activities whether or not the laptop is using link-local XMPP/mDNS/multicast or an XMPP server to communicate.

Currently we’re using Ejabberd as server but we’d like to be able to use Openfire too.

Kids don’t have to subscribe or accept subscriptions, so all students are automatically subscribed to each others (each school is supposed to run its own jabber server).

I configured Openfire and the register plugin as described on . It works pretty well but we have a problem with our shared roster configuration.

When a new account is created, Openfire automatically defines the first part of the jid as nickname in each roster. It’s a big problem because we rely on PEP nick notifications to find children’s alias. In your XMPP implementation (Gabble), roster nicks have a bigger priority than PEP ones so children’s alias are ignored and we display autogenerated meaningless strings in our GUI.

Would it be possible to configure Openfire to don’t automatically define nicknames in shared rosters?

Thanks for your help





If you dont want your users’ jid as nickname, just provide a nickname for the specific users at the time of registration. Then issue is solved.

Here is the example.

I have a default group ‘Friends’, where every new users get automatically added to at the time of registration.
Now I am registering two new Users, whose details
jid: 1
nickname: Bob
email: abc1@xyz.com

jid: 2

nickname: Alis

email: abc2@xyz.com

Here, both will be added to ‘Friends’ group.

Jid 1’s roster will be added for jid2 whose nickname Alis will be in the roster nickname field and vice versa.