On the management of SRV records

Currently my server is chat.foo.domain.edu.

The main SRV record points domain.edu -> chat.foo.domain.edu. I have additional SRV records for pubsub and conference, under pubsub.domain.edu and conference.domain.edu . However, I need to carve things away from the *.domain.edu space.

There’‘s a problem with pubsub, in that I can’'t specify a name for it. Correct?

For the others, would there be any problem if in the Admin GUI I were to specify a name that points to the server itself?

conference -> conference.chat.foo

search -> search.chat.foo


Hey Andrew,

Domain of services hosted by Wildfire should include the domain of the Wildfire server. So if your server is myserver.com then PubSub must end with myserver.com. You can use the system property xmpp.pubsub.service to change the default value pubsub to anything that you need. Restart the server after you made such change.


– Gato