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One domain handled by two servers


We are trying to setup (maybe odd) configuration where one domain (let say: example.com) will be handled by two servers.

I’m rather new to xmpp world so amount of various specifications is somehow overwhelming. So far I couldn’t find nice/any solution.


a) one central xmpp server - all traffic should pass through the central server

b) there is one domain of users (example.com)

What we want to do is to setup another server which:

a) will be a gateway for central server

b) will provide different authentication mechanism

What we want to achieve is:

a) user@example.com should be able to connect both by gateway server and central server

b) there should be both direction communication between gateway and central server: userA@example.com (connected to the gateway) should be able to exchange messages with userB@example.com (connected to the central server).

In other words you can say that we want to create security hole in central server

Another requirement is that solution should be quite simple to implement on central server. As you can guess central server is maintained by another team so we have only “limited freedom” in what we can do there.



what you are looking to do is not technically posible. you cannot have 2 different XMPP servers with the same DNS name. the software would not function correctly. Why do you need 2 different servers? Why not just one server for all the users?

Are you going to make some HA?you should consider a clustering