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One Group Stops Working

I have a customer running Openfire 4.4.1 on Windows 2012 server with the embedded database. There’s two groups, CT and PT. The PT group always works, but the CT group stops functioning periodically. Suddenly everyone in the CT group shows offline, while the PT group works correctly. Everything looks fine in the web interface, but the group will not start working again until the service is restarted.

I don’t yet have good information from the customer about how often this happens, but I believe that it’s frequent. I’ve asked them to monitor the issue closely and to report back to me. Until then, anybody have any ideas on the issue with what I know so far?



You can also ask them to provide their Openfire logs.

I apologize for my previous post. After more time working with the customer I discovered that one group appeared to not be working due to all the users in that group setting themselves offline. They did so because they felt they were being micro managed by their general manager and wanted to be left alone. Whenever the alarm bell was sounded, and I restarted the service, the users put themselves back online for a while.

So the Openfire issue I described does not exist.