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One Openfire server to another


We are running openfire as both a gateway to other IMs and an internal sercure chat. USers can access via SPark the openfire server via public dns and we are allowing port 5222.

My question is this. If another company is using Openfire/Spark, can my users talk with them via Openfire/Spark?

Yes, it’s fairly easy. You should first open port 5269 to connections, which is Openfire’s server-to-server default port, and enable server to server service (server configuration tab). Later, from the two options available (blacklist, whitelist), I personally choosed the whitelist, and added the servers I want to connect to (blocking unwanted servers).

Then, users at server1 who want to chat to users at server2 just have to add “user@server2” as a friend or viceversa, and you’re done!

thanks Sergio