One or Many Openfire Connections with Multiple Client APIs?

I am creating one larger client application that will be connecting to Openfire through multiple APIs, including the Java Smack API, the Javascript JSJaC API (using http bind), and eventually, potentially Flash using XIFF(?).

I want to know if I will see performance problems starting multiple connections from each user to Openfire, rather than trying to share the connection across these client APIs (within a single larger application)? Would doubling the connections per user halve how many users I could support, or is that more based on the traffic per connection?

Clearly, my life would be simplest if I could use the APIs as they are written today, and simply make the additional connections.

However, do you think I will need to hack these APIs to allow for a shared connection to avoid performance problems?

Are there limitations on the Openfire Server side that would make it impossible to hack these APIs and share the session? For example, multi-threading issues? Note that the JSJaC API is using http-bind. Does that have its own unique requirements?

Finally, if you do recommend I attempt to share the session, what is the data that is actually needed by openfire?

Thanks in advance for your wisdom.