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One to one chat in db any plans?

Hi folks,
Is there any plan to save chat (one to one) in the db and api to retrieve natively? currently we are using our own custom api to save messages in the database. This is fine if someone use our app but not any other 3rd party. i see there is an api to retrieve group chat messages but not one-to-one. Any plans to do it in future?


The Monitoring plugin for Openfire provides this functionality in a standardized way: It supports both the older XEP-0136: Message Archiving as well as the newer XEP-0313: Message Archive Management.

Thanks let me have a look. Do you know the api documentation ? or i have to access the db directly?

The API documentation is exactly what I linked to in my original comment.

Really sorry to bother you, i did not find the api to retrieve chat history (one to one)
can you please send the link ?

thank you

This is the documentation which describes how to retrieve message from archive.
There are some libraries which implement this interface.
Smack for example is a xmpp library which implements an api to this interface.