One User in Multiple Groups


We are using LDAP along with Openfire 3.7 and Spark very successfully. However there is one feature I cannot seem to figure out. We have certain use cases where one user needs to be a member of more than one group and see both contact lists. I have added the user (myself) to both groups but only see one group/roster.

I know that we we can share the group through the Openfire console, but it appears that process allows the entire group to see the other one. In our case we need one user from Group A to also be able to contact members of Group B. Is that a possibility?

Hey Staticz,

I would try creating another group. Name it All, share the contact list of both groups to this new group. Add this person to this group. For extra security I would use the packet filter plugin to block messages from A to B and B to A but allow ALL to A & B and A & B to ALL.

I use this method above to restrict sections of our companies from talking to uneeded sections.