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One way blind chat project?

I am using SMACK api, with Jive messenger and jwchat as a client.

I want to be able to do the following.

  1. Delete all the users from a designated users roster and add a new set of users to that designated users roster on the server side. ( I have accomplished this)

  2. Display the presence of these new users in the client of the designated user. without having to go through the subscription request/approval process. (I can’'t get this to work properly in jwchat)

  3. The designated user to chat with any of these users that are online. (This works)

What I don’'t want to happen:

  1. I don’'t want to send out subscription requests for the new users added to the roster.

  2. I don’'t even want the designated user to appear in any of the rosters of the users that were added.

Only the designated users rosters should change, display presence and allow the designated user to chat with the added users without any change to the added users client.

First off is this possible and any direction to accomplish this would be appreciated.