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One way chat with MUC


I am looking to setup a MUC room, such that any user can see the room listed, and any user can send a message, but the messages are only sent to the room admin. Is there a way to handle this?

Also what does the “Moderated” option mean in a MUC Room ?



dberg wrote:

Also what does the “Moderated” option mean in a MUC Room ?

One difference that i notice is that new joining user doesnt have a voice permission in Moderated room. So moderator has to grant voice to them, so they will be able to send messages to that room.

but this will broadcast the message. I am hoping to get a MUC room setup so that messages can only be sent to the admin, and then admin can broadcast to the room if necessary.

Is this possible ?

Not with the default Openfire. You will have to modify the code or write a plugin, etc. I cant help further.

Hi Adam,

Get yourself a copy of XMPP The Definitive Guide, or take a look at the XEP for Multi User Chat (http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0045.html). Both os these have helped me hugely getting my head around questions like this.