OneNote links not working in


We used to link pages from our notes, and earlier it was okay, but from now on, it won’t open the notebook anymore.

Here are some example:

  • \NAS02\Software - Simple folder link is okay

  • onenote:///\NAS02\Design\Trap\rendszer\trap_rendszer\{E1B2 CC9D-77FD-45C0-837F-3FF9B003AB82}&end - earlier this was a clickable link, and it opened the document, but now it’s simple text

  • NAS02\Design\Trap\rendszer\trap_rendszer\ - If I copy and paste this part, it will open. But this requires additional steps and could be annoying.

Thanks for your attention

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In which version did it work ok? We don’t use OneNote so i have tried only with file://\\ link and it shows it as a text in the earlier build ( So it is probably not a recent change.

Hello wroot,

Thanks for the fast answer.

I just checked, one of our colleagues uses 2.5.8 and she receives the msg as a link.

Also If I remember well it was okay in 2.6.3 as well, but we had other issues which got resolved by upgrading all clients to or even 667

Wow, 2.5.8, that’s old

Actually it doesn’t work in 2.6.3 either. It works in 2.5.8. Well, at least it is clickable, but i don’t have network share here to test. I think SPARK-1449 was meant to fix something similar. I will file another ticket.


Hey, can you check with this build?