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Online Agents Tab - No longer shows users


In recent Spark builds I have noticed that on the FastPath tab; on the subtab Online Agents, the names of users in the queue no longer show. Please see the attached screen shot.

Is this a known issue and I missed it? Did I mess up a setting durring the build process? This seems to work fine in 2.5.8. It is a low priority, but I thought I better report it just in case.

Running: Spark 2.6 SVN 11693

Openfire 3.6.4

Work around. If you mouse over the user and stop a popup will show with the username of the user giving you an idea of who is logged in.

Thank you in advance!

It is still not working as of 11900. I think I have at least tracked it down to the fastpath plugin in src>plugin>commercial. It seems that the open source versions of the plugin are not working like the old one, but I don’t know where to start in troubleshooting as I am not that strong in Java.

Finally got it figured out!

Path: src>plugins>fastpath>src>java>org>jivesoftware>fastpath>workspace>panes>OnlineA gents.java

Code to change:

ContactItem item = new ContactItem("",nickname, agent) {

should be changed to:

ContactItem item = new ContactItem(nickname, nickname, agent) {

Hi George, how you did done online agents showing in workgroup ,

In my workgroup i did not find online agents, could you please help me , i am waiting for your reply

i have attached given below , what i did get output , please help me

It was fixed in SVN 12174 and should already be in newer builds. I haven’t developed in here in a while and have settled on SVN 13738 which we have been running stable for quite a while now, so it is possible something is broken in a newer build.

Actually it works fine in the latest build also - 2.7.0 665 Bamboo build (it’s now on Git, not SVN) http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-INSTALL4J-665/artifact/shared/Inst all4j/

I think rjeed has a different issue. In his screen no agents at all are showing. Maybe he hasn’t added anyone to the queue. Or maybe he has only one agent, so it can’t show anyone else.