Online presence not working


a strange issue is occuring where users’’ presence are not updated to “online” on their client friends list although the users are logged in and visible by the server. the users can even chat with each other during their “offline” status.

i searched and saw a bug fix ( for a similar problem relating to LDAP in 3.1.0. I’'m not using LDAP for user info, just an external mysql db, and am on wildfire 3.1.1. wondering if this is a variant of the JM-851 issue or if there is more setup that needs to be completed to get this working in wildfire 3.1.1? anyone have any suggestions on how to get presence to work? thanks.

hey, i figured it out… it was a problem on my end with batch creation of rosters that was not setting the “sub” field in jiveroster table to the proper value.