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Online status indicator support

Just something that I thought would be very useful for Jive. I am ready to implement a Jive server for my website, but I haven’‘t been able to find any information about an online status indicator. I’'d like for my users, who have their own profile pages, to be able to have an online status indicator on their site. Is this something in planning for future Development?

Hey William,

Do you need to show the presence status of users in their own profile pages? Will something like this JM-234 work for you? If it does then go ahead and vote for it.


– Gato

Hi Will,

On Messenger, user online status (presence) is stored in-memory, so to gain access to that info you will have to go through Messenger’'s API. So, what you could do is write a plugin that talks to the Messenger API which you could then expose as a web service.

Hope that helps,


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ryang - Ack, I guess Gato beat me to this one.

hi guys,whether you view my topic,it can supply user online status display.sometimes my compenant wasn’'t noticed it is also not bad:)


Hi tangzhen,

You are right, I forgot about your plugin. Looks like it might work perfectly for what Will wants to do.