Online users appear as offline


I have given a openfire server to configure the users and their contact list so they will just have as friend the customized list I create for them. And Installed the subscription Pluging to prevent them to add other users.

Thing is that when I add a user2 to the contact list of a user1 I see the contact offline. I dont find the way to use the costumized contactlist ( I create it from the administration web of openfire )

Any thoughts? is it posisble to manage the contact lists like that? or the only option is to use grupos ( in that way the whole group will see the whole group contacts and that wont work for me )



It should work.

You can use groups though. And then with Packet Filter plugin disable presence and message traffic between members of the same group.

Then I dont know What I am doing wrong.

I log into web administration tool, create two users: user1 user2

then add each other using the "contact list " option.

I log both user using the spark client and they appear offline.

Am I doing something wrong?

So, you are adding them to each other’s roster in Admin Console? What if you try to add another user in a client? Though this won’t work with Subscription plugin blocking requests. Can you try uninstalling that plugin temporary and adding users again?

I tried, but not luck.

But as you suggested I created the groups and use the packte filter plugin to block/pass the communication and it works ok!

Thanks a lo for your help