Online users do not get ims

Greetings, I just installed openfire on our network with great results. The issue I am facing today is even though it shows a user online… they do not get the message. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

If the user logs off and back on, its fixed…

What client/os are you using? I’ve noticed all kinds of odd behaviour with Spark, the least of which is it not displaying messages.

We’re using pandion. But I am thinking of switching to spark and not using LDAP config, as when I was not using that, everything worked fine.

What if you the user a who can’t recieve the messages from user b talks to user b first, can user a receive messages then? If that’s the case a very very small percentage of people have encountered this problem, one of them being me.

No, the user has to sign out.

The user appears online… And when the user signs back in, they do not get the offline messages.