Online Users Plugin

I developed a very small plugin which displays on a web page the number of users currently online.

Take a look here:

From the readme:

"The OnlineUsers Plugin exposes the number of currently online users through HTTP.

Just open http://yourserver:9090/plugins/onlineusers to get it."

List of online users

Since version 1.1.0 it’s possible to get the list of online users through http://yourserver:9090/plugins/onlineusers/list.

Standard behaviour is that you have to login in order to access this list. You can change that through the system property **plugin.onlineUsers.list.disableAuth **(set it to true).

If you change this setting, you have to restart the server (or reload the plugin, but I didn’t try that).

Jar is in the “bin” directory.

The plugin is released under GPLv2 and has been developed by me at the Amiado Group.


I put jar file in plug in folder and it extract automatically. but plugin not shown in the list

when I call Above URL,It display blank page.I cross verify all steps,but not work for me.

Please help me to resolve this issue,my open-fire version is 3.10.0

I have a same problem witn 3.10.2, and I really need this feature…

I am having trouble with your plugin and it is giving me wrong data i.e. some users are offline but they are coming in the list: if i pick up a random jid from the response of plugins/onlineusers/list and put in it the:

  • Advance search (/plugins/search/advance-user-search.jsp) => User is offline

  • Presence plugin (/plugins/presence/status?jid=&type=text) => User is unavailable

Hi Yasir,

When I am clicking on http://yourserver:9090/plugins/onlineusers/list

link getting blank webpage. Can you help me out plz.