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Only one massive group

Hi all,

I 'm running an openfire server with openLDAP for authentication. I can’t modify the LDAP structure, and I’m unable to configure groups (all users appear in their own group).

¿Is there any way to disable groups? i.e. all people see all people, by default.


Can you post your ldap.baseDN?

On the Administration page click “Server Manager” then click on “System Properties”

It will be in the right hand pane.



o=ctcd, o=empleados, o=juntadeandalucia, c=es

This is a subtree of a bigger tree, which I do not manage.

I have actually one group for each user.

Here is an example of my basedb: OU=users,DC=newyork,DC=sifizm.com,DC=com

We have 90 groups and 200 employees, way too many groups that I want to manage.

We really only have 10 Departments, so I organized my Chat Groups by departments:

So in AD I craeted a few groups: (Universial and Security)

  • Chat-NY-Network
  • Chat-NY-Operations
  • Chat-NY-Developers

  • Then add all the diffrent Network groups into Chat-NY-Network and so on with the rest of the groups.

No when you go to the Openfire Groups, do a search for Chat and it should list the above groups.

Click on Chat-NY-Network, then change the name to NY-Network and share it will all the groups that you have created above.



My LDAP is openLDAP, not AD. This openLDAP is readonly and has no groups defined, that’s why I’m asking for any kind of setup in which everybody could see everibody.