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Open Chat Window from URL

Hi Community,

is there a possibility to open a chat window for a special user from a link on a web page? I found only this information to open a chat window via link:


But I think there is missing the connection between this protocol “xmpp” from windows registry to spark!?

But I don’t know how to setup or how to give spark the information for clicking a link in the internet explorer.

Best regards and thank you,


Hi Community,

I found the following registry keys for using XMPP URI’s.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@=“URL:XMPP Protocol”


“URL Protocol”=""




@=“C:\ %1”

It is working BUT the chat window is starting with a null entry. So the chat window opens when I click on the link with username inside. But spark didn’t find the username and opened the link with “null” as username. Is there anything wrong or does spark need another parameter call!?



Hi Benni,

The correct sintax is xmpp://user@server and not xmpp:user@server

Hope it helps,