Open Clustering - 100% Open Source Clustering Plugin

Hi All,

I have a need for a complete open source and Apache 2,0 compatible license implementation of the Openfire clustering plugin.As nobody seemss to be working on this, I decided to get started and see how far I would get.

I started out with the Oracle Coherence version in the Openfire SVN and replaced all Cohenrence dependencies with the Shoal Clustering Framework using code I found here (

I have made it compatible with the latest release of Shoal 1.5.29 and

It is all compiled and actually runs, but I don’'t know if works properly and if it does, I would like to know what the issues are especially at hight load.

That brings me to the purpose of this post.

I don’t have a muti-server Openfire with a single database and same domain name network to test it with and would appreciate if any one who has the time and resources would download the plugin and run a test for me please and report back issues. The ideal situation would be a drop in replacement for the Coherence clustering plugin. I have kept the same plugin name.

I am also looking for others to join in and help finish off the project as there some folks in the comunity who know much than I do about clustering and whoose help and contribution would be very beneficial to us all.

If you would like to be a co-owner or a contributor, please contact me.

The project is hosted at

The plugin can be download from

The source can be checked from

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Hey Dele,

Good work…! I would like to be the contributor as I do have a setup of 3 openfire servers, 1 common database and two client machines. Actually I’ve been testing the clustering plugin by tomstrummer (Good work by him too) and found it to be quite useful. But somehow I am not able to reach to 30,000 clients after using that plugin. So, I’m planning to use this one and hopefully I’ll get some positive results.



I tried to enable the plugin but I receive every message a User sends thrice.

I have no idea why, also tried debugging the code but was not successful with it (somehow I can’t debug it with eclipse, maybe an issue with my build setup).

Do you have any idea about that?


I’m testing the plugin but i dont understand one thing, how can i set for each node if they both share the same database and properties?

I have environment with 2 windows 2008 R2 servers with a single database. I have OpenCluster 1.2.2 setup and installed. I am not sure how to install or setup shoal to work with my openfire. I setup the config suggested by you in another post

100% Open Source Clustering plugin


Valuexmpp.server.clustering.loopbacktruexmpp.server.clustering.multicastaddress true



Can you send me instructions how to setup shoal to work with my Openfire 3.7.1 config?