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Open Fire and Voice


I’ve been looking into this for a while now and I find it a little confusing. I have an open fire server running on a VPS server on the internet (with webfusion) I would like to enable the voice part so chat users can talk to each other. They are not all in the same place (ie using different internet connections).

But I would like to do it with as fewer changes possible. So not installing extra things in spark on workstations. Opening ports and adding a plugin on the openfire would be acceptable.

Thanks for any help

Voice conferencing is made between 2 spark clients. The plugin (jingle) is by default in spark.

To make it available for users, you have to add a STUN server and have it configured in spark.

Enable STUN server in Openfire:

Tab Media Services -> STUN Settings

Configure the IP used by the server and put a check in Local Server Enabled

In Spark:

Spark -> Preferences -> Media Settings

Type in there your STUN server (your openfire server)

Restart spark

When you right click on a user, you should see call -> Computer to Computer

But I do recommend using the new plugin made by Dele jitsi-jingle instead of jingle. Jingle is a bit buggy.

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Thanks I will give that a try and see how we get on, if I have any problems I will look into jitsi-jingle - could you send me a link so I get the right one

I’ve also added the STUN port (3478) to the OpenFire Firewall rule I created to allow inbound (out bound any) is that correct?

Are there any windows file wall documents available?

Make sure you add the port 3478 to the UDP port firewall rules.

For the jitsi-jingle plugin, it’s the first post on the main page of www.igniterealtime.org