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Open Fire bound to AD, Adium not finding user names?

Open Fire bound to AD, not finding user names?

Wondering if people have come across this?

I have Open Fire on Mac OS 10.5.6 server, seems to be working fine.

It is pointed to our Active Directory server. I can see names of all users.

When “Adding a Contact” from Adium, It seems one can not use the users email address that is listed in Active Directory (and in the embedded pulled in database of OpenFire), the Search spins and spins and returns nothing.

If, however you put the username@theFQDN of the server, example, joeblow@server02.whatever.org, it Finds / Resolves the name and adds the user.



You’ll probably get more help in Openfire Support, so I’ve moved the thread.

Good luck!


how about my other post, is that in the right thread/place?


Just saw it and moved it as well.

The username of an XMPP user is a combination of their AD username + the @ symbol + the name of the chat server. For example:

AD Username = johnd

Chat Server = chatserver.domain.com

XMPP username = johnd@chatserver.domain.com

Yes, thanks,

Actually I think I figured it out.

From Adium, you do Add Contact, you have to make sure “Jabber” is selected from pulldown and the right account is check boxed,

If you enter a valid AD users name, Adium lists the user 2 times, somewhat confusing.

one where it is username@jabberservername.fqdn

But it also lists just the users name, if you do a get info on that, you see a spinning search wheel

I just deleted that name and the other name lists correctly with all AD info,