Open fire database problem

Hi All,

Please guide me how to Import the schema file from the resources/database. scripts

i am using MY SQL 5.5 version

waiting for your reply

if you look for the create table sql. just use openfire_mysql.sql in mysql database. openifre_oracle is used in oracle database ,others like so.

sudo cat /resources/database/openfire_mysql.sql | mysql -u -p

so to install to openfire database as root

sudo cat /opt/openfire/resources/database/openfire_mysql.sql | mysql -u root -p openfire

can Any one please provide me the full setup process of openfire in ubuntu Operating System

This is a good start: guide.html

I just got done setting up OF on Ubuntu Server 11, w/ MySQL 5.1 and it wasn’t too bad. I am a relative linux n00b, so it took a bit of research. But between that document, a book on Openfire, and these forums I got it up and running.

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