Open Fire Server 2 Server Connections

O I decided to build out a openfire server at home to possibly replace my current google apps gtalk server. The problem that I’m having right now though is I cannot get any communications to come or go outside of my domain. I’ve setup the SRV records in my DNS with zoneedit. I’ve punched the hole in my firewall to allow the traffic through. The one thing that I can’t figure out though is that I have 2 connection managers that are offiste. Do I need to point the SRV records at the connection managers? Or does it need to be pointed at my server directly? I can put in the google apps srvs and talk to anyone in the jabber federation just fine. But when I change the SRVs to point at me it doesn’t do anything. Thank you for your help with this in advance. Oh also is it a problem if for the time being I have my jabber domain setup as Thank you all in advance for your help with this.

Assuming you are talking about the standalone connection manager java app, it does not support s2s, only client. You will need SRV records pointing directly to your openfire server and have tcp/5269 open in your firewall.

Sorry for the delayed response. I will make sure that my SRV records are pointed to the correct location and that the correct port on my firewall is also open. Does anyone by chance know if the SRV records for zoneedit function properly? Thanks.