Open Fire Server stopped working over the weekend


I am extremely new to Open Fire and Spark. This was here when I started (Which has been less than a month). This morning, everyone started getting an Invalid Username and Password. I know they are entering the passwords right (myself included). It is integrated with AD. I rebooted the server and restarted the service etc. All to no avail. I then upgraded Open Fire and it did the same thing. I then modified the permissions to the folder and now I get this message (which seems like it is working):

Openfire 3.10.2 [Jul 6, 2015 10:30:11 AM]

Admin console listening at:



Missing database schema for asterisk-im. Attempting to install…

asterisk-im - Database update failed. Please manually upgrade your database.

Starting Client Control Plugin

Starting Monitoring Plugin

It’s been at the Starting Monitoring Plugin stage for the last 30 minutes or so. Also, the server it seems to be pointing to is not the server that is hosting it. And it is still doing the Invalid Username and Password.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I suspect someone has changed the password of a user which is connecting to AD (admin). But i don’t know how to fix this issue faster than rerunning the setup. But as you are new, it would be complex for you. So far you can try removing Asterisk-IM plugin, as it will cause login problems when using 3.10.2 version. Then reboot it and maybe it will start working again. Can’t tell anything about the wrong server name. The one who setup it must know. Showing Starting Monitoring Plugin is ok. It won’t show Started or like that. This also means that you are trying to run it with the launcher. Check Services.msc of that server. If it already has Openfire service, you shouldn’t run it with the launcher. Let the service run instead and then try logging into Admin Console or in Spark.

Removing Asterisk-Im plugin the easy way would be stopping the server and deleting asterisk-im.jar and its folder from /openfire/plugins server. If you really need Asterisk integration, then you can try new experimental version of it Help save the Asterisk-IM plugin :slight_smile:

Thank you. I removed the Asterisk plugin. Unfortunately, the individual who set this up is no longer here and there is no documentation for me to be able to go off of. I also can’t login to the web console. Is there a way to reset the Admin password for Open Fire? The server also has the Open Fire service so I started that instead of the launcher. Or do you think I would be forced to have to uninstall this and start from scratch completely? If I do that, would I be able to export the DB and re-import?

I don’t work with AD, so can’t help much with that. Maybe someone experienced with AD will jump in and comment.

Can anyone help me with this?

if you can’t sign into the web console, than it sounds like your link to ldap/ad is not working. wroot is probably right, the account used for ldap was probably disabled or the password changed. One way to fix this is to update the database directly. The other, would be to just rerun the setup wizard again.

Okay. So I’m re-running the setup now and it is not communicating with the AD server. I’m almost positive that I have the settings correct. Any thoughts?

make your root dn


and for your admin account (this an account used for ldap queries, and isn’t really an admin account. If your AD is mostly default, then a normal domain user account can read ldap and should be used)

use the following format username@domain.local

If that doesn’t work, make sure dns is working, and that there are not any network issues (like firewall) blocking the openfire server and your dc.

Okay thank you. I got it working. The format is a lot different then what I’m used to.


cn=open fire,cn=users,dc=domain,dc=local

Apparently instead of entering the “username”, you enter the display name. As soon as I did it that way, it authenticated immediately.

Thank you guys for your help!