Openarchive 1.0.5 retrieving chat history

Hello, I’m using openfire as my xmpp server, and I have the openarchive 1.0.5 plugin working that automatically saves the chats on the server… The problem I have is that I can’t find a way to retrieve these messages (from the client app) that are saved on the server , for this

I’m using PSI+ and I send an xml with the format specified in the “retrieving a collection” section of the XEP-0136, but the answer I’m getting from the server is “internal server-error”

So I wanted to know what I’m doing wrong or if that plugin doesn’t support the retrieving action of the chat history from the server to the client???

Thank you

This plugin hasn’t been updated for a long time. Maybe it just doesn’t support current Openfire versions. Try contacting Stefan, who is the author of this plugin,

The archive plugin does support the latest version of Openfire. The error you are getting is what occurs when an exception has occured. You should try again and look at the output of your error.log in logs.

I have this working fine under Oracle, with no changes apart from the DB calls (to oracle format, ofc.)

Though, I find the monitoring plugin to be far superior; and it is very easy to get that to support XEP-0136.

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