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Openfie and User Import & Export

Hello friends!!!..

I have a serius problem with user Import & Export pluging,

I had installed Wildfire with internal database, and when I wan’'t

export the user database, the file is in 0 kb!!!..

What can be happening?


Hi Denny,

Which version of Wildfire and the plugin are you using? Are there any messages in the log files?



Hello Ryan,

I was using Wildfire 2.6.2 first, and internal database to store my users,

in this moment I have 434 users, now I have installed Openfire 3.2.2, and I need save my database users,

to install again with MySQL database or in the future install with Active Direcory.

The internal database of the Wildfire, are located in /embedded-db/wildfire.script,

this file I rewrited in the new installation and, all works fine,

but the service sometimes shutdown. The server is running on Win2k3.

I want test if the size of this file openfire.script is the cuase of the instability of the openfire service…

I don’'t want to lose the information of my users, and this information keep in the new installation with MySQL.

I thought in User Import & Export pluging, and I get the 2.2.0 version, and…

the other part of the problem already you know it

you can help me or suggest something to me not to lose the data base of my users and to installOpenfire with MySQL support?

greetings, d.