Openfire 3.10.0 Released

The Ignite Realtime community is very proud to release Openfire 3.10.0 for general availability from

The amount of energy that has gone into this release is truly impressive, and it shows no signs of slowing down - as those of your looking at the 3.11 branch will have seen. Further 3.10.X releases will be bugfix releases; 3.11 will concentrate on a path to 4.0.0.

3.10.0 itself brings new core features to Openfire (such as Message Carbons, for example, by Christian Schudt) and vital improvements (to clustering and MUC, for example, by Tom Evans), as well as some hard bugfixing (by Guus der Kinderen) and important security improvements.

As ever, we welcome pull requests (to 3.10 or master as appropriate), and the entire development team is looking forward to you joining the conversation either in the forums or in the XMPP chatroom at

Happy Chatting!


SHA-1 hashes for download artifacts


UPDATE: Spark 2.6.3 version has issues with connecting to this version of Openfire. We suggest updating to just released 2.7.0 version of Spark.

UPDATE 2: Openfire 3.10.1 has been released recently, which is again compatible with Spark 2.6.3 when using TLS (thanks to this fix [OF-907] SSLv2 Hello is rejected; prevents some clients connecting - Jive Software Open Source )


Great to see progress

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Fantastic work guys!

In the OpenFire “build\lib\merge…” and “src\plugins…” subfolders, which version of tinder.jar is being imported?

The latest Tinder source ( v1.2.2 ) does not have asBareJID() implemented among a few other differences. Thanks for pointing me to the right place!

very nice

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Great job everyone. Been telling my team this was coming for months. They’ve grown weary of hearing me go on about it. Since I’ve been running 3.10.0 in dev since it was Alpha, the improvements it brings are by now well known.

Well, just make sure to check all these threads about 100-200-500% of CPU usage after the upgrade

Também tive o mesmo problema. As conexões saem pela porta 5269, mas não retornam.

Ainda não efetuei maiores testes. Caso tenha algum progresso, informo aqui.

Estou usando a versão 3.9.3 e não tive problemas com sessões presas.


170 user accounts. Up to ~50 active sessions works normal. 70 sessions and more eating all 8 CPU cores at 95% (of each core) and drop any user connections.

There is a thread in the forums dedicated to this problem (100% CPU). You can post you information there and watch it for any news on this issue.

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Configure LDAP is only available the initial setup. Then configure LDAP is not available.

Post you problems in the forums.

Is this project still supported by developers team?

Yes. There were 3.10.1 and 3.10.2 releases not so long ago and 3.11.0 should be soon also.