Openfire 3.10.2 installed but not recognized

Running Openfire on Win Server 2012 R2. It is set up with SSO and works great. When the new version (3.10.2) was released, I received the pop-up notification at my workstation telling me about it. I downloaded and installed it over the existing 3.10.0 install, and everything went fine. When I open the admin console, the GUI pop-up tells me that 3.10.2 is installed, but when the admin web page launches, it still says it is running 3.10.0. The notice about the availability of 3.10.2 continues to display on the admin web page as well as the pop-up on my workstation. I have tried to install 3.10.2 an additional 2 more times just to be safe, but nothing changes. Am I doing something wrong?

Try running the installer with Run as administrator command. Also, you have probably stopped the Openfire before updating, don’t you?

A hint for the future: do not install into Program files. It is better to install say to C:\Openfire. Less confusion and problems later.

The trick was ending the Openfire Service before installation. It never asked me to do that. Usually, installation programs take care of that on their own. I did find it odd that I had to re-enter all the database and login information again though. Since this was an upgrade, it should have migrated all of that over from the previous installation.

Anyway, it’s working now. Thanks!

Service part is not installed by the installer, so the installer is not aware about the service running. Service installation is a manual part of the installation, therefore it has to be stopped manually before running the installer. Most probably the service doesn’t have to be reinstalled after the Openfire upgrade, but i do this, just to be 100% sure everything is updated. And it is just a few more commands. So, stop the service, run the installer, uninstall the service, install the service, run the service. I have proposed to add a note about stopping the service before the upgrade

The thing that you had to redo the setup is probably a side effect of running an upgrade with a running Openfire service. Usually you don’t have to repeat the setup process.