Openfire 3.10.2 suddenly stops sending XMPP ping to idle clients

Hi, there. This my first post.

When I noticed the issue, we restart Openfire. Then it started sending XMPP ping to idle clients.

But maybe one or two days later, it stopped sending ping again.

Our Openfire setting is the following,

It seems a serious issue of Openfire.

Is there any way to fit it ? Thank you in advance.

May i ask how do you determine that it is not sending pings?

Thank for asking, wroot.

I used Swift


with enable “Show Debug Console”, you can see all messages back and forth between Openfire and swift clients.


I have updated to 3.10.2 and checking with Spark’s debugger, after 4 days running i still get xmpp ping packets:

Thank you for checking the ping function, wroot.

I also checked it works.